Pavithra Jagannathan

MSc – Counselling Psychology,

MPhil – Counselling PsychologyTherapist, 

Dr. Pavithra is a Counseling Psychologist and completed her M.Phil in Psychology. She is specialized in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. She has worked intensively with people facing issues of relationship, marital discord, anxiety problems, etc. I have authored many papers on Personality, Burnout and emotional intelligence. Everybody faces difficult times. I believe that each person has the capability to deal with their own problems but it just so happens that sometimes we end up feeling helpless. At such times we tend to seek help from professionals like me who are trained in the field to help people help themselves. She is passionate about helping people find themselves. The goal of my therapy is to help the individual, not just to deal with the current situation but to help him/her develop holistically.