Diabetes Reversal Webinar

An accurate and in-depth understanding of the deeper causes of diabetes is crucial before you even begin your reversal journey. Removing the ignorance and misconceptions is most important to build trust, energy and urgency in your efforts.

The First session of Intensive Reversal Program is a 2-hour power packed session that dispels all doubts and gives you a complete understanding of the reversal process. Based on profound scientific understanding and actual experience of making thousands of diabetics free of medications, our experts present a 360° overview of diabetes and diabetes reversal with micro-level details that creates a big shift within you.

Key topics covered in the program include what exactly is reversal, what are the 7 stages of reversal and what are the 7 truths of reversal. How to reverse diabetes by working on the root causes and actually experience stoppage of insulin/ medicines and still maintain normal sugar levels. How to avoid or reverse complications (related to eyes, heart, kidney and nerves) and reversal of related disorders like hypertension, hypothyroid, obesity, PCOD/S, etc. This session also educates you on how to implement the Phase 1 – Basic FFD Diet and Exercise Protocol and this begins your reversal process and start reducing your blood sugar within days

By the end of this session, you will start looking at diabetes in a different light and it will change your perception that diabetes is not a life-long suffering and you can actually reverse it. You may then choose to join the year-long Intensive Reversal Program for implementing the diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical protocols in a phase-wise manner for your complete reversal. If you decide to directly enroll for the Intensive Program, this First Session is free!

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Webinar Link : https://meet.google.com/gjt-snvg-jjp

Start Time

4:00 pm

May 13, 2022

Finish Time

5:00 pm

May 15, 2022